BSCA stands for Bishop's Stortford Christian Assembly.  Put another way, we are an 'assembly' (another name for a church) of Christians who meet in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. 

Our vision is to be a community of Christians, passionate about:

  • Loving God (we're a worshipping church)
  • Loving His Word (we're a Bible church)
  • Loving His people (we're a community church)
  • Sharing His love with those in need (we're an evangelistic church)

Whatever your age, nationality or religious background you are welcome to join us.  We would be especially pleased to meet you if you are exploring the Christian faith for the first time.

What we believe and practice is governed by the teaching of the Bible.  Therefore when we meet, we seek to do the things Christians did in the New Testament of the Bible - sing, read and listen to the Bible being taught, pray, and break bread (take communion) together.

The church has three leaders (who we call elders).  They are supported by others who take responsibility for specific aspects of the ministry of the church.