In the Bible, church leaders are called 'elders'. BSCA is led by team of three elders.


    Steve has been married to Sue for over forty years and they have two grown up children and two grandchildren. Whilst he enjoys music, films and visiting gardens with Sue, most of his week is devoted to BSCA.


    Steve can be contacted on: 07940 836141 or by email here


    Tim is BSCA's Church Administrator and is responsible for all correspondence into and out of the church and practically everything else that you might expect an administrator to do, like managing our website, co-ordinating our advertising and booking various venues. 

    Tim also leads the music at BSCA and therefore is often found at the keyboard for our services.

    Tim can be contacted on: 07972 779500 or by email here


    Simon works for BSCA for four days a week. He takes particular responsibility for working with families and young people. In 2016 he and his family returned to UK after 7 1/2 years working in New Delhi, India. His wife Liz works for NHS as a Paediatrician and they have two children. 

    Simon can be contacted on: 07986 197684 or by email here